Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear Weston, 3 months

Dear Weston,

Can I just say, you are SO SWEET.  I think I say that to you about 100x's a day.  I say it so much, because it is so true!  You have the best smiles and coos, Weston!  You could talk the day away and still find more to jabber about with me.  I love all the sweet noises you make.  You are even starting to giggle a little bit.  I can't wait to hear your real belly laugh.  Your brother Luke has one of the most joyful laughs I've ever heard so once the two of you start laughing together, I'm not sure I'll be able to take it!! :)

You are growing so fast!  The day you turned 3 months is the day none of your 3 month sleepers fit you anymore.  I haven't weighed you, but I'm pretty sure you are 16+ pounds!  You are beginning to hold your rather large noggin up a little better these days and are enjoying tummy time just a little more.
Most of the time, you prefer we hold you facing out.  After all, you have to see what your brother is up to!  You definitely love to be in the mix and want to be where we are.   You are content in your bouncy seat and under your play-mat as long as we are close by.  You are getting really good at batting at your toys and finding your fist to stare at.  You blow bubbles all the time and are drooling a lot!  You've developed a fascination with you tongue these last few days, sticking it out really far and then rolling it up into a tiny ball.  SO CUTE.

I have such a great time watching you and your bother interact.  He loves you so much!   He loves giving you tender kisses on top of your head, sharing story time with you in your swing, and trying to get you to smile.  You always oblige your brothers efforts and give him a huge grin.  You guys are going to be great together.

You participated in your first Halloween and it was a success!  You were the cutest little "Super Hero in Training" there ever was!  Well, you and your cute older brother.
We drove with Nana and Papa to Ohio last week to visit Great Grandma Kayser.  She got very sick and had to go to the hospital.  Even though she wasn't feeling well, you still brought a smile to her face when she met you.  I am so glad you got to go with us to see her, what a precious memory that was for me.  I have to write this down, because it's almost too good to believe, but you did not cry at all on the way up to Ohio or the way back home.  It was more than than 17 hours of driving in total.  You were the perfect passenger!!

Your open-mouth-wide-eyed-grins literally light me up from the inside.  I have so much joy over you sweet Weston.  I thank God for you every day!  We are so blessed by your sweet spirit and beautiful smile.
Love you to the moon and back!

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