Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pool Days

Child, you are fearless around water.  Your first time at the pool this summer you showed no fear.  You hopped right in and just expected to float.  Jumping in and out of the baby pool, getting your face wet, learning how to go under water.  There was no stopping you. 
After the baby pool's newness wore off, you moved on to other areas.  Mostly the grass, the water fountain, the drain where the yucky stuff collects, the flowers, and chairs.  Pretty much everywhere but the actual pool.
Being 8 months pregnant, it has not been easy keeping up with you.  Thank goodness for Nana!  She does a great job keeping track of you and snatching you up before you walk right in the big pool.
I am very pleased to say that in the last couple weeks you've become a lot more interested in the pools actual purpose, swimming! You are becoming a great little swimmer.  You are enjoying the pool a lot more and like to float out there all on your own.  You're learning to kick and paddle and it is just too much fun to watch you go!  I took you to the pool by myself last week (35 weeks pregnant) and we (meaning I) did great. 

 Your favorite time of day.... SNACK TIME!
I am loving these summer days with just the 2 of us.  We've spent many many days at our neighborhood pool and I am so grateful to have it!  Next summer you'll have a little brother to chase you around.  You can teach him how to put his face in the water and how to swim! We are so blessed, Luke!

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