Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here's a tip

I know I have seen similar posts on this subject from some of my other recently pregnant friends but, since I'm pregnant I now have first hand experience. And I have a feeling it's only going to get worse.

Have you ever had someone give you some unwanted opinions? You know, someone coming up to you and sharing their thoughts as though you asked them for it? Let me give you a few examples of my experiences thus far.

"Oh my gosh, I cannot wait till you get fat".
"I can tell you are pregnant, your face is getting fatter".
"Just wait, your butt is going to get HUGE".
"You know you should eat something, you don't want to be an anorexic pregnant person".

Ummm, thanks? I mean really? Really? I hope some of you are laughing because when I retell these stories to my husband he roles on the ground laughing. I think there is a law I was unaware of that allows people to say dumb things when women are pregnant. I thought I was the one with the excuse to say off the wall comments since I am the one with the raging hormones.

I am not disillusioned, I know my butt, face, and rest of my body will get bigger. It comes with the wonder of growing a baby inside you. But, come on... even when you're pregnant you don't want someone to comment on your newly grown booty. Here's a tip.... How about commenting on the baby bump or glow I'm supposed to have (OK, I'll even take lies). Let's just lay off the "you've grown 3 chins since I've seen you last" comments.


  1. My fav comment when I was pregnant was, "wow are you having twins?!" umm, no I wasn't, but thanks for feeding my insecurity!
    I focused on the miracle of the little person growing inside of me as much as possible (in between naps and nausea) truly is amazing.

  2. Dearest Melis:

    You are so beautiful, inside and out! And "doubly beautiful" with that precious Baby Hof growing inside you. You are often in my prayers.

    Love you dearly,




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